MIOMI: The microcosm in and around us: microorganisms on surfaces in medicine and industry


Microorganisms are the commonest living organisms on earth. Nevertheless we are not distinctly aware of the size dependent influence of small micro-organisms on humans. This project enables young students with immigrant background in the region of south Burgenland (Austria) from time of elementary school until high school to playfully and exploratory engage with microorganisms by hands-on experiments. The workshops will mainly emphasis on interdisciplinary experiments and problem solving, focusing on the diverse effects of microorganisms and their attachment on surface in medicine and industry. This will be supported by cooperation with regional and international innovation companies. Following the workshops, the educational activities and material will be further adapted in a second implementation phase in order to achieve a sustainable integration of activities in the curriculum (school lesson) to launch multidisciplinary projects and facilitate peer-learning.

Role of BioNanoNet

BioNanoNet organizes hands-on workshops for students with local experts on the topic Nanotechnology. During the workshop, interdisciplinary experiments are performed to provide more insight into the use of nanotechnologies in research and industries.