DYNAMITE - Dynamic Network Arranged for Medical Device Innovation, Transfer & Exploitation

Dynamite is an interdisciplinary project initiative which develops new innovative services for SME on their way from the idea to market success. A network of medical technology, medicine, health sciences, economics and law is built up to enforce medical device companies and start up’s in Austria to increase their innovation output. This network will work as a One-stop-shop and opens access to customized Information, consulting, competencies and resources in a very unbureaucratically manner.

The first step within the project was to survey critical support demands of the branch, especially of SME, start up’s and founders. The service portfolio out of this initiative will range from very early interdisciplinary technology assessment and business planning over investigation of medical needs, reimbursement, regulatory affairs, quality- and risk management, IPR up to development, manufacturing and finally continuous innovation management for sustainable success.

The project Dynamite started in September 2013 will end by August 2015 - but the network initiative DYNAMITE will be subsequently developed and extended to increase innovation output of Austrian’s medical device industry.

For more details please visit the project website www.dynamite-project.at.