The subtitle of the ProSafe White Paper, ”towards a more effective and efficient governance and regulation of nanomaterials”, summarises in a nutshell the aim of the document.
The White Paper integrates and analyses the results of the EU funded projects NANoREG and ProSafe and numerous other nanosafety projects, and translates the findings into 15 recommendations for policy makers and regulators. Amongst others, the recommendations include proposals for what is called “no regret measures” such as further harmonisation of test methods by the OECD and proposals for a more efficient use of the results of nanosafety projects by improving the infra structure for data management. Other recommendations are aimed at making REACH more applicable for nanomaterials. For the long term, some possibilities for innovation in risk assessment are presented. They are aimed at speeding up the process of risk assessment, reducing costs and reducing animal testing. Finally, the White Paper introduces a recommendation to start thinking and working on more future proof approaches to secure the safety of materials. Approaches that would also fit next generation (nano)materials.
ProSafe Results Repository: ProSafe White Paper