From Lab to Industry to Market


There is a gap between technology and manufacturing. Demonstrators, competetive anufecturing and product development are urgently needed. To address this gap, an investment in Pilot line projects and facilities that enable demonstration in an industrial environment has been made. These pilot facilities respond rapidly to scaling-up needs which are essential for SMEs and start-ups. Moreover, they can upgrade European industry to stay competitive and generate business and potentially help create new business, jobs and growth across Europe.

Pilot Production Facilities, an important business potential to be fully exploited!

Europe must exploit this potential by bridging complementary capabilities, resources and demand avoiding duplicated, disconnected and fragmented actions.

Europe needs to have a global overview of the existing expertise and infrastructure available for pilot production tha will facilitate collaborations and business and to look at value chains accross borders.

EPPN to bridge the coordination gap among Pilot Production Facilities.


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