nanoTherics, United Kingdom
Launch of Drug Release / Delivery option
The option can be used with any magneTherm system to allow Drug Release / Delivery studies, it enables users to study the kinetics of drug release from magnetic nanoparticles during exposure to alternating magnetic fields in real time at precisely controlled temperature and at boundary sink conditions for the first time.
The system uses a dialysis based method with variable sample volume from 250┬Ál to 3ml, a variable release medium volume (10ml to 70ml) and a water jacket to precisely control temperature of the study. The system can be used in a manual or automated flow through manner with real time detection/quantitation of released drug to generate release profiles. For further details please see Magnetic Particle Drug Release
This is a significant addition to the magneTherm system and expands the application range and flexibility - calorimetric, in vitro and in vivo studies (water jacket to maintain physiological temperature) plus time lapse studies and drug release all on one bench top single phase system.
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