IMI’s next Calls for proposals are currently planned for 22/01/2019 and 26/06/2019. These dates are indicative and may change.

The following topics are under consideration for inclusion in the next IMI Call for proposals. These topics are now at an advanced stage of development and we hope that these drafts will allow potential applicants to start working actively on proposals and forming consortia. These topics must be approved by the IMI Governing Board. The final topic text may differ from the draft versions published here, and applicants should always base their proposals on the final, approved topic texts which will be published when the Call is officially launched.

◾Optimising future obesity treatment
◾Open access chemogenomics library and chemical probes for the druggable genome
◾Intelligent prediction and identification of environmental risks posed by human medicinal products 


Future IMI Calls for proposals

The following topics are under consideration for inclusion in future IMI Calls for proposals in the longer term. The discussions on these topics are still in their early stages. For this reason, the topics may change considerably and they will probably not be ready for inclusion in an IMI Call for proposals for several months. Furthermore, as the discussions advance, it is likely that some topics will be added to this list while others will be dropped. In any case, we hope that this list will give potential applicants a useful glimpse into what is under development in the longer term, and provide additional time to enhance their network. We will update this list whenever we have updates on the status of the topics.


Neurodegeneration and other neuroscience priorities

◾Digital transformation of clinical trial endpoints in pain
◾Placebo effect in pain
◾Psychiatric ratings using intermediate stratified markers -2 (PRISM-2)

◾Psoriatic arthritis

Infection control including vaccines
◾New topic(s) under the AMR accelerator platform

Translational safety
◾Dosing in specific populations
◾Digital pathology

Big data, digital health, clinical trials and regulatory research

◾ROADMAP 2: need and opportunity for public-private collaborative research to continue the RoadMap efforts
◾Independent observatories of health outcomes for patients being the guardians of health data
◾E-product information. Leveraging digital technology to drive the correct use and understanding of medicines: a user-centric approach to adherence and risk minimisation


◾Patient-reported outcomes and quality of life endpoints

Facilitating the translation of advanced therapies to patients in Europe

◾Accelerating research and development of Advanced Therapies
◾ATMP Patient Registries Outcomes Data and Evidence
◾Innovative Manufacturing of Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products, ATMPs

Other enablers of research topics

◾Handling of biologic drug products


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