NanoDIODE – Developing Innovative Outreach and Dialogue on responsible nanotechnologies in EU civil society

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 Project Start: 1st July 2013 running until 30th June 2016 (36 months)

Stakeholder engagement and dialogue are essential to the responsible development of nanotechnologies in Europe. The European FP7 project NANODIODE, launched in July 2013 for a period of three years, establishes an innovative, coordinated programme for outreach and dialogue throughout Europe to support the effective governance of nanotechnologies. The project integrates vital engagement activities along the innovation value chain: at the level of research policy, research & development (R&D), and the diffusion of nanotechnology innovations in society. Importantly, it combines ‘upstream’ public engagement (by way of dialogues that integrate societal needs, ideas and expectations into the policy debate) with ‘midstream’ engagement (by organising innovation workshops at the level of the R&D practices that are at the heart of the research and innovation enterprise) and ‘downstream’ strategies for communication, outreach, education and training. 

Role of the BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH in the “NanoDIODE” project: BioNanoNet is partner in NanoDIODE project focussing on educational activities specialising in the knowledge transfer of relevant nanotech information on several educational levels (secondary schools, universities, research facilities, etc). BioNanoNet will organize several citizen dialogues and in-depth interviews to reach the goal of developing an innovative outreach and dialogue on responsible nanotechnologies in EU civil society.

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