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Vision and mission of Sustainable Chemistry:
  • SusChem is the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry. It is a forum that brings together industry, academia, governmental policy groups and the wider society.
  • SusChem’s mission is to initiate and inspire European chemical and biochemical innovation to respond effectively to society’s challenges by providing sustainable solutions. 
  • SusChem’s vision is for a competitive and innovative Europe where sustainable chemistry and biotechnology together provide solutions for future generations.  
  • SusChem’s priority areas, led by industries, include Resource and Energy Efficiency, Water, Raw Materials, Smart Cities, Enabling Technologies and Education.

BioNanoNet is SusChem-AT!

The strategy of SusChem-AT is to strengthen the interaction of relevant stakeholders on national level (industry, academia, society, national politics, ministries) to address Europe’s and especially Austria’s societal challenges with chemical and biotechnological innovations. In an annually meeting the BioNanoNet members will exchange information both ways top-down (from the ETP SusChem towards the national community) as well as bottom-up to facilitate networking, project teams and to enhance participation in EU funding programmes.

SusChem-AT endorses the main SusChem ETP objective as to revitalize and inspire the European and national chemical industry research, development and innovation in a sustainable way, through all the stages of the value chain.
As a National Platform, we will bring together industry, academia and research centers to work in the identification and coordination of the EU and National strategies to represent the interests of the Chemical sector in front of the National Governments and the European Commission.
As a member of the SusChem network we will join efforts to achieve a more Sustainable Chemical sector in Europe and therefore contributing to the objective of creating jobs and growths.
Contact: Andreas Falk, Msc., CEO BioNanoNet,

Andreas Portrait sw

Andreas Falk, MSc

SusChem-AT chair

BioNanoNet ForschungsgmbH (Steyrergasse 17, 8010 Graz)


Robert Holzer

SusChem-AT co-chair

RECENDT - Research Center for Non Destructive Testing GmbH
on behalf of the Austrian Research Initiative PAC – Process Analytical Chemistry
(Altenberger Straße 69, A- 4040 Linz) 

 Members of strategic board

Christoph Herwig

TU WIEN - Institute of Chemical Engineering
(Getreidemarkt 9, A-1060 Vienna) 

Martin Mischitz

Infineon Technologies Austria AG
(Siemensstrasse 2, A-9500 Villach) 

Patrick Pammer

WOOD KPlus - Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH
(Altenberger Straße 69,  A-4040 Linz) 

SusChem-AT core team (alphabetical order):
  • Andreas Falk [BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH]
  • Christoph Herwig [Technische Universität Wien]
  • Robert Holzer [RECENDT GmbH]
  • Martin Mischitz [Infineon Technologies Austria AG]
  • Patrick Pammer [Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH]
SusChem-AT key players (alphabetical order):
  • Alexander Deutsch [Medical University of Graz, Hematology]
  • Andreas Falk [BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH]
  • Robert Holzer [RECENDT]
  • Simone Jagersbacher [BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH]
  • Sabine Jung-Waclik [Brimatech Services GmbH]
  • Helmut Klein [Brau Union Österreich]
  • Wolfgang Kroutil [University of Graz]
  • Christian Kukla [Montanuniversität Leoben Außeninstitut]
  • Torsten Mayr  [Graz University of Technology]
  • Bettina Mihalyi [Technische Universität Wien]
  • Walter Pölz [OMV R&M]
  • Stefan Spirk [Graz University of Technology]
  • Joachim Krenn [University ofGraz]
  • European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem)
SusChem is the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry. It is a forum that brings together industry, academia, governmental policy groups and the wider society. SusChem’s mission is to initiate and inspire European chemical and biochemical innovation to respond effectively to society’s challenges by providing sustainable solutions.
  • SusChem Brokerage Event 2018, 23rd of October 2018, Brussels, Belgium: The SusChem Brokerage Event 2018 will cover the calls relevant to sustainable chemistry in the upcoming Horizon 2020 calls.
    For more information visit the event website.
  • E.mission 2050 – Pfad zur Dekarbonisierung der chemischen Industrie, 1st October 2018, 2:00 - 6:00 p.m., Vienna, Austria

    Blick in die Zukunft der chemischen Industrie in Europa:
    Wie kann die chemische Industrie bis 2050 klimaneutral werden?
    Welche Technologieoptionen und mögliche Entwicklungsszenarien am Weg zu einer klimaneutralen, europäischen Chemieindustrie bis zum Jahr 2050 gibt es?
    Welche Anforderungen an eine nachhaltige Rohstoff- und Energieversorgung ergeben sich für die chemische Industrie?
    Wie sehen die Szenarien des Umweltbundesamtes hin zu einer klimafreundlichen Zukunft in Österreich aus?
    Diese und weitere Fragen sollen im Rahmen der Veranstaltung behandelt werden. 
    LINK zur Veranstaltung.


  •  UK Info & Brokerage Event - H2020 NMBP, 18th of September 2018, 9:00 - 16:30, London, UK
    Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing 

    Innovate UK and the Knowledge Transfer Network are hosting the Horizon2020 NMBP event aimed at supporting collaboration across the UK and Europe. We will be promoting funding opportunities available for Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing through Horizon 2020, the EU’s largest research and innovation funding programme, with over €1 billion earmarked for calls in 2018-2020.
    Location: 110 Rochester Row, London
    To register visit: 


  • SusChem stakeholder event 2018, 20th of June 2018, Brussels, Belgium

    The SusChem stakeholder event is the leading annual meeting held by the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem).
    This year’s theme is «The Future of Research & Innovation in Europe: Defining Technology Priorities for Sustainable Growth».
    For more details visit


  • C4E Forum 2018 - Central & Eastern European Energy Efficiency Forum, 13th - 16th of June 2018, Serock, Poland

    The aim of C4E Forum is to build and strengthen Central and Eastern Europe’s energy efficiency community. There are so many interesting efficiency projects, policies and programmes happening in the region and our community can immensely benefit from sharing and learning from them. C4E Forum is a bi-annual community-building event designed to promote this objective.
  • Annual Event on Public-Public Partnerships, 7th - 8th of November 2017, Brussels, Belgium
    The 2017 event will focus on the future of P2Ps under the motto "Co-designing Public-Public Partnerships for the next Framework Programme" to emphasise the collaborative approach in involving stakeholders for the future design. It will bring together 300-400 stakeholders involved in the design and implementation of P2Ps.
    The draft conference programme and registration is available here.
  • SusChem 2017 Brokerage, 18th of October 2017, Brussels, Belgium
    It is a unique opportunity for industry, academia, SMEs and other actors to get ready to develop consortia and submit funding proposals targeting the 2018 and 2019 calls of Horizon 2020 with deadlines falling in the Q4 2017 and Q1 2018. For more information & registration please click HERE
  • H2020 NMBP UK Brokerage Event, 10th of October 2017, London, Great Britain


  • SusChem-AT Meeting, 13th of September 2017, Laßnitzhöhe, Austria
(entry date: 2018.09.01)
(entry date: 2018.06.21)
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